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Portable papier-mâché displays to disseminate IPMS products

IPMS-portable shelves In its last year of implementation, the Improving the Productivity and Market Success (IPMS) of Ethiopian Farmers project promoted and shared its outcomes, lessons and good practices in commodity value chain development at different levels and locations. To do so, different tools and means were used.  For those well-established organizations/institutes with library space and facility, the research and development outputs, training manuals and other documentations were shared electronically and in print format.

For those places without proper library space and facilities, the project initiated use of a portable display that could hold different types of publication (brochures, working papers, DVDS…). The shelves were designed and made by a local NGO that recycles paper using a papier-mâché technique. These shelves are hardy to hold many publications, very light to move from place to place, environmentally friendly, and appealing for the eyes.

The displays, with selected content, were distributed to the districts and zones of the Livestock and Irrigation Value Chains (LIVES) project, which is a successor of the IPMS.


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