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Children in Arbisi spend their days in the field herding cattleOver the past six years, the Improving productivity and market success (IPMS) project has touched the lives of many Ethiopians at different levels, in different ways and times. For some, it was a stepping stone to the next level in life, or a means to find a purpose, or a way to achieve the greatest goal in life – tangible/intangible. For others it was a chance to contribute to the beginning of a brighter future of rural children.

On one sunny day in 2007, Kebede Assefa of IPMS, set foot in Arbisi of Bure woreda, one of the pilot learning woredas of IPMS project in Amhara region. Arbisi is about 12kms from the town of Bure, in west Gojam zone (400kms from Addis Ababa).

Arbisi students received donation of BGI’s 1000 Exercise books and pencilsWhile Assefa’s colleagues were busy with farmers and other value chain actors, Assefa noticed many young children in the beautiful fields of Arbisi. He asked what…

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